A hospitality concept by Wander, Good Days is a guesthouse experience in collaboration with Sodic, located in their latest project in Ras Al-Hekma, Caesar. The guesthouse experience is created to allow people to relive the good days they once enjoyed on the North Coast, with a slow and more casual high end atmosphere, that is neither overpriced or over-crowded. It’s not made to be just a place for overnight stays; its a space made to nurture a vibrant community that will feel happy and understood in a stay that lives up to its name: A good place for good fun-loving people.

We developed both the name and tagline: Good Days ;  “Where everyday is a good day and every stay is a good spend”.

The bold and fresh branding aims to bring back the joy of genuine fun, leaving guests feeling grateful at the end of each stay. The branding creates a sense of freshness with small elements that create a warm and heartening atmosphere. Bold colors strengthen the brand presence, positioning Good Days as a memorable destination associated with good times, engaging and heartfelt experiences. The vintage patterns we created is fun and adds a touch of color to the environment and branded items. The photography style is optimistic, bold and always has a touch of red for recognizability.