22 Farida – Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment

22 Farida – Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment

Seeking to impart the glory of Downtown Cairo to Egyptians from all walks of life, Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment sets out on an enthralling excursion of reclamation, restoration and breathing life into design magic; with the intent of reviving the Egyptian identity by restoring Downtown Cairo’s 150 year legacy built by Khedive Ismail.

Driven by a singular passion to create a “Downtown for all”, our goal is to breath life into each building by creating an environment that speaks through its walls and reflects the values that echoes its soul and which is also smart in usability.

22 Farida, a 100 year- old five story building that has become a beacon of inspiration for artists and creators; A space where art, history and architecture collide. Driven to create an authentic, attractive and own-able identity, we created a brand environment that respects the buildings heritage while connecting it to todays modern world and reflecting both Farida and the building as Icon, Patron, and Artist.

Naming, Story Development and Place Branding for 22 Farida.