Nile Agro Industries was founded in 1982, being one of the most important and largest companies operating in the field of agricultural processing in Egypt. Known as a landmark in the field of frozen vegetables, natural juices, pickles and jams in Egypt and the world,  AGA’s products are characterized by its abundance and quality.

AGA is the first company to offer canned all natural juice in the Egyptian market, bringing new and fresh experiences to the market. A joyful and indulgent drink, the fizz-free canned juices capture the senses instantly, starting with the enchanting aromas and gratification captured from each flavor’s joyful taste. AGA’s line of juices focuses on classic flavors, including Apple, Guava, Grapes, Mango, Orange, and Cocktail, serving the preferences of each palate.

The re-branding of AGA centers around generosity, goodness of the good old days, while staying true to the heritage and recognizability of the nostalgic brand.