Driven by a modern, creative and innovative spirit, Artifex are experienced woodworkers and manufacturers who create fully-customized homes, all tailored to meet customers preferred needs and style.

The expressive use of imagery highlights the products that are crafted uniquely and the different categories offered as well as reflects Artifex’s know-how in craftsmanship. The visual identity reflects Artifex as a full circled experience for the customers, creating a mastery of living spaces. The use of interactive typography was also used to highlight structure and shapes.

Naming Collaboration: Ahmed Abu Zeid, @Blockbfurniture



“To recommend a service to anyone is considered a responsibility. To be sure about the recommendation is to experience certain values: trust, professionalism, creativity and dedication – those are the main reasons why when someone asks me about branding I say Ants and Elephants.” Saad Tahboub – Founder