Boba House stands as a vibrant celebration of the beloved bubble tea phenomenon, with its roots anchored in the cherished Taiwanese tradition. At the core of this concept is the artistry of crafting this iconic beverage, which harmoniously blends a tea base, milk, a touch of sweetness, and chewy tapioca pearls – a symphony of technique and authenticity.

While the boba drink may appear simple, its mastery requires a blend of expertise and premium ingredients. That’s why the founder’s of this concept rely on original Taiwanese expertise, high-quality imported ingredients, and a uniquely developed recipe with the right measurements of each element to create a flavor bomb for all customers to enjoy.

Our brand identity is a reflection of the brand’s professionalism and commitment towards the art of serving authentic Taiwanese boba. It embodies simplicity with a refreshing twist, represented through a unique icon that encapsulates the essence of boba while adhering to a minimalist aesthetic.

The chosen colors echo the serene hues of tea blended with milk, evoking both the drink’s character and a sense of tranquility. Within this cohesive visual framework, various elements that spell out “Boba” seamlessly weave into the brand environment, social media presence, and more, enhancing the recognizability of the novel brand experience at Boba House.