Comet Group

Comet Group stands as a comprehensive destination for food service equipment and professional kitchen products, boasting over 30 years of experience in delivering excellence throughout Egypt and expanding soon across the MEA region. Their commitment extends beyond manufacturing professional kitchens, encompassing knowledge sharing, client support, design expertise, consulting services, and the provision of top-tier kitchen equipment.

For over 3 decades, Comet Group has proudly left its mark in every commercial kitchen, from hotels, restaurants, cloud kitchens and cafes to hospitals and resorts.

We’ve re-imagined Comet Group’s brand identity through the creation of a distinctive icon, namely the “CG,” developed in a contemporary and invigorating manner. The design of the “G” within this new icon draws inspiration from the ON/OFF buttons found on various machines and equipment, embodying a shared experience inherent in all kitchens. The utilization of color gradients serves a dual purpose – symbolizing the transformative offerings of Comet Group while concurrently evoking a fresh, modern aesthetic that is both approachable and adaptable to businesses of all scales.

We also developed a storyline uding illustrations that encapsulates all the different categories of kitchen equipment that Comet Group works in.