Guira is a real estate development company founded in 2016 in Alexandria, Egypt. Specializing in high-end boutique compounds, Guira began with a project carrying its own name in Sidi Heneish, North Coast, creating a huge success. This success led to two more projects in the North Coast and a forward-looking plan to expand their projects to Cairo, Egypt. Thanks to the founders’ extensive experience in real estate and construction, we have successfully established a recognized presence and imprint in the market within a significant timeframe.

Inspired by Guira’s core purpose of creating communities and fostering connections, we have crafted a direction that embodies connectivity, elevated group experiences, and luxurious living. Our goal is to portray Guira as a gateway, inviting individuals to step into the life they dream of, leaving worries behind and embracing a new standard of living. This direction not only highlights the diverse experiences within Guira’s residences but also emphasizes the transformative moment when one enters through Guira’s gate, signifying a positive shift in their lifestyle.