LAYAL, the building introduced by Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Development, is a testament to the commitment to creating a stress-free and inviting experience for visitors to Downtown Cairo. With its intimate and cozy five-floor structure and a rooftop, LAYAL sets the stage for a unique blend of authentic old Cairo charm and modern hospitality. Six of its ten apartments are thoughtfully designed by Lemon Spaces, ensuring luxury, comfort, affordability, and an ideal location for short-term stays, small groups, or solo travelers. LAYAL aims to immerse guests in the rich Egyptian culture, allowing them to stroll through historic streets and engage with the area’s diverse cultural and artistic offerings. Situated within walking distance of iconic establishments like Cinema Radio and Kodak Food Hall, LAYAL becomes a central hub for both travelers and local explorers, where the promise of ‘Reviving Downtown Cairo’ and ‘Creating a Downtown For All’ comes to life through a dynamic and inviting atmosphere, fostering spontaneous connections and shared experiences.

Channeling the history of one of the city’s most beautiful areas, our story begins with Layal. The narrator of her story. The ever dynamic. She is a love letter to our city and our people; full of life, stories, and experiences to share. Layal is an enigma waiting to be unveiled. An inviting place that celebrates all who walk through the doors, just as a gracious host would. Layal invites the world to experience her spirited nights, star-studded with a warm glimmer that instantly captures your heart. This place is not a re-creation of the past, nor is it indulging in nostalgia. It is an introduction to an authentic, locally- driven experience. Welcome to the night wonder. Welcome to Layal.

The pure essence of the building serves as the primary inspiration for the identity. The icon is based on the floral detailing found on the balconies of Layal’s building, creating a meaningful experience in an intimate and beautiful environment. The elegant color palette reinforces the experience of enthusiastic spirited nights, making Layal a beloved destination for all.