At the heart of Mamina’s lies an all-day dining experience that pays homage to the timeless art of generational cooking, infusing each dish with a blend of soulful essence and cherished nostalgia. Guided by the culinary wisdom of the founder’s beloved grandmother, Mamina, the journey unveils a collection of delectable recipes passed down through the ages. These treasured recipes have gracefully evolved, merging with modern influences while staying true to their origin.

It was AE’s mission to honor the significance of grandmothers everywhere, and our purpose centers around celebrating these remarkable figures. Through meticulous effort, we’ve cultivated an authentic and soulful brand identity for Mamina’s, one deeply rooted in family values and the intimacy of shared moments.

As a tribute to the generational aspect of Mamina’s, we’ve crafted original design elements that encapsulate the unique style of each era, both in the kitchen and around the family table. An example of this is the charming Bleu Blanc motif, which resonates harmoniously with the essence of the brand. This comprehensive design approach captures the essence of Mamina’s, an all-encompassing experience that unites generations and flavors in a truly heartfelt manner.