Minus 6

Dedicated to promoting a wholesome lifestyle, Minus 6 proudly presents gourmet soft ice cream, meticulously crafted from 100% fresh milk. Their mission is to provide delectable, flavorful, and indulgent desserts that can be enjoyed by the entire family. What sets the soft ice cream apart is its unparalleled richness and creaminess, derived from farm-fresh milk without the use of preservatives.

We developed the name Minus 6, as it is inspired by the perfect temperature for creating the ultimate soft ice cream – minus 6 degrees Celsius. This precise temperature ensures that soft serve achieves a level of creaminess and consistency that is unrivaled in the industry.

In our relentless pursuit of establishing Minus 6 as the preferred choice for soft serve, we have meticulously developed a distinctive brand identity system. This system embodies a unique visual language that consistently communicates our brand’s essence. Utilizing symbols such as (+ – =), we have created a cohesive and recognizable identity. Complemented by a vibrant color palette and curated soft graphic elements, our brand image conveys the purity of the ingredients and captures the playful experience of the brand.

The primary color, a lush green, mirrors the natural and freshly sourced milk directly from the farm. This symbolic hue reinforces the brands commitment to delivering high-quality soft ice cream that stands out in the market. Minus 6 is more than just a brand; it’s a statement of excellence in taste and freshness, achieved at the perfect temperature.