Investing in Gold has always been known to provide both security and attractive returns. MNGM is the first digital platform enabling a new ecosystem in Egypt that offers unique and innovative ways to invest in gold, bringing new opportunities to the community. Ants & Elephants worked on developing a unique brand strategy, a memorable name which reflects the brand values and the brand identity which reflects their brand positioning as “An enabler of growth and prosperity”.

MNGM is an enabler and innovator in its category as it makes a real difference in the lives of its customers: The young tech-savvy investors, the low- middle income investors and finally the high-income investors.

The icon represents “Spark growth” “Spark Wealth” .

“Working with Ants and Elephants was a refreshing and pleasant experience. They showed flexibility and talent which resulted in the creation of a unique brand identity and positioning that reflected our vision”.  Dr. Sameh El Torgoman