Manal Omar Creations, fondly known as “MOC,” revolves around the vision of a passionate artist who thrives on creating handmade products that exude uniqueness. In our realm, no two pieces are ever the same. We have made a heartfelt commitment to exclusively utilizing the finest quality leather materials, ensuring that each creation surpasses all expectations.  At the heart of MOC lies Manal, the gifted artisan who breathes life into the brand. Her mastery and fervor for art intertwine to produce stunning creations that are a testament to her love for the craft. With every stroke of her skillful hand, she transforms raw materials into exquisite pieces that embody her craftsmanship and passion.


Our brand identity is an ode to the creative process rather than simply the end result. We believe that the true essence of MOC lies in the narratives woven into every buckle and the meticulous selection of each leather type. Each component tells a unique story and adds a touch of individuality to our creations. Through the art of collage, we unveil the intricate tapestry that binds diverse elements together to form an exceptional work of art. Our branding celebrates the harmonious fusion of various elements, showcasing how they seamlessly converge to create something truly extraordinary. The branding encapsulate the essence of artistry and serve as a tangible expression of our unwavering dedication to the pursuit of beauty and authenticity.