Nandy Tea: Crafting a Legacy of Flavor and Tradition

Drawing upon a legacy of over 45 years in the tea industry, the third generation is proudly introducing Nandy Tea, a brand designed to become the go-to choice for those who cherish tea as an essential part of their daily lives. Nandy Tea offers a meticulously curated selection of blends, promising to elevate the mood and satisfy the refined tastes of tea enthusiasts.

Our inspiration springs from the captivating nuances observed in a single cup of tea. The logo features bespoke Arabic typography, thoughtfully designed to resonate deeply with Egyptian consumers, creating a distinct and ownable brand identity. The design lockup draws inspiration from the iconic shape of a tea bag, while the overarching concept encapsulates the graceful experience of savoring tea.

The color palette is a harmonious gradient, reflecting the beautiful transformation of tea hues in a cup. Our strategy balances market familiarity with the infusion of intricate elements that set Nandy Tea apart from competitors, making each sip a moment of delight and distinction.