With a mission to empower others throughout their active lifestyle and beyond, ONYU is a sportswear apparel brand made to inspire a happier active lifestyle and made to stay with you throughout the day, everyday! ONYU exists to celebrate wellness and health by bringing people together to achieve, support and empower each other through a journey of life that begins with self-love and a balanced lifestyle . 

ONYU believes that community is part of their DNA. Everything they do is centered around  people and what’s best for them, creating emotional and physical connections through open and meaningful conversations and physical transformations. 

Living an active lifestyle is part of living well. It’s a life journey encompassed of balance, wellness, energy and a supportive community. ONYU’s identity enhances these 4 key values by capturing them through diverse elements. We celebrate community, self-love and empowerment through a customized & curated approach to luxury sports wear.