SAINTS is the newest brand by the founders of BRGR. Saints offers a coffee selection with innovative and bold flavors, crafted to stand out in a crowded market.

We chose the name “Saints” to reflect the brands commitment to celebrating individuality and the power of collective experiences. Saints are often seen as icons of unique virtues and personal expression, embodying a spirit of rebellion and boundary-pushing. The brand embraces these qualities, creating a space where everyone feels empowered to express themselves authentically and engage with innovative and bold offerings in a meaningful way. The name “Saints” serves as a reminder of the uniqueness and dynamic nature of each person’s journey.

We have embraced a minimal and sleek logo design with a rebellious twist of the upside down “S” , to reflect the boundary-pushing experiences. The identity tells the story of individuality, showing that each person’s experience at Saints will always be unique and dynamic. To reflect the brand’s unconventional personality, we’ve developed a distinctive set of halos that echo the brand name and serves as a visual reminder of the celebration of collective experiences. The halos are used dynamically throughout the identity and becomes a symbol of the Saint’s community.