Shofha is a subscription-based video-on-demand platform that provides a diverse range of Arabic movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, and lifestyle videos across the MEA region. Prioritizing superior content quality, Shofha aims to offer users a unique viewing experience with exclusive shows curated based on anticipated seasonal trends in each country. This commitment makes Shofha a platform that’s filled with visual gems that may not be available elsewhere.

Brand Positioning: Providing all people with budget-friendly access to unique original productions made exclusively by us, while also exploring modern & classic content wherever they are, creating a platform that curates visual gems.

The branding represents an uplift of Shofha’s initial brand identity. We aimed to elevate the brand’s image with a more modern and refined essence while still keeping the original essence of Shofha. This enhancement creates a higher sense of trust between Shofha and it audience, reflecting that Shofha has a wide variety that matches all preferences and ages. The purpose of this uplift is to render the identity more timeless and seamlessly integrate it within a highly competitive market.