Inspired by Neo-renaissance architectural style, Tamara was acquired by Al Ismaelia For Real Estate Investment in 2009.  From the moment you ascend the grand wooden staircase, Tamara’s history unfolds before you. A symphony of crimson bricks whispers stories of authenticity and opulence, while high ceilings and graceful arched windows cast a golden glow on every floor. Al Ismaelia’s touch has artfully retained these timeless elements, harmoniously merging them with modern design sensibilities. The result? A living space that captures the essence of a storied past, seamlessly woven into the fabric of Downtown, Cairo.

Tamara’s exquisite arches stand as a testament to architectural brilliance, which we use as inspiration to create the identity. We celebrate the building’s unique architecture, heritage and history in every element we developed for this building. As we revive Tamara’s environment, we breathe new life into its historical soul, bridging the gap between eras and welcoming it into the modern world. This transformation is an ode to the art of preserving a building’s historical core while tailor-fitting it to the rhythm of contemporary living – an intricate dance between the past and the present.