DAL Developments , a boutique real estate developer, is capitalizing on the growth in demand for affordable and quality urban real estate in community-driven areas across Cairo. With over 60 years of collaborative experience, the company aims to redefine the market by offering residential and commercial properties with a focus on quality, service, and reliability. They prioritize responsible guardianship, aiming to develop enriching communities and provide property ownership opportunities for a new generation in Egypt. “

UPWEST, situated strategically in Sheikh Zayed, stands as a top-tier lifestyle hub, offering an unparalleled array of retail, dining, and entertainment options, including unique and exceptional experiences. With a range of in-store events, pop-up exhibits, and diverse engaging activities, UPWEST hosts exclusive weekly encounters that bring the destination to life.

UPWEST’s identity centers around the logo. This contains three curved parallel lines representing the “W” and symbolizing the dynamic experiences surrounded in the community mall. A vibrant and energetic new colour palette reflects the modern spirit, which is also reflected in the photography used throughout. Creating an iconic word-mark that consists of an own-able symbol elevates the brand and makes it easy to recognize.